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MoonFire's award-winning CD, Present, Past, and Future, is on the Azalea City Recordings label (ACCD 2003). Named "BEST CELTIC ALBUM" by the Washington Area Music Association, Present, Past, and Future features Jody on hammered dulcimer, piano, keyboards, and harmony vocals; Elise Kress on flutes, pennywhistle, vocals, and guitar; and Cathy Palmer on violins. This captivating recording was described as being "charged with dancing rhythms and joyous refrains" by the Washington Post.

Present, Past, and Future is ONLY available on iTunes. Just search
for "Moonfire" on iTunes and it will be listed.

(Tunes are traditional unless otherwise noted.)

1. Jenny Dang the Weaver/Jackie Coleman's/The High Reel 3:41

2. Sweet is the Melody (Iris DeMent)/Tune for the Dancing (Cathy Palmer) 4:09

3. The Road to Baltinglass (Jody Marshall) / Whelan's Jig / Coleman's Cross 4:25

4. Ca' The Yowes (Robert Burns) 5:28

5. Prelude XV (J. S. Bach) / The Wild Irishman / The Reconciliation 4:13

6. The Pet Set: Mr. Puppy's Hornpipe (Cathy Palmer) / Ragtime Tabby (Jody Marshall) / The Poodle Polka (Elise Kress) 6:24

7. White Dress (Dave Swarbrick) 3:11

8. From the Mist / Maranatha (Cathy Palmer) 4:51

9. Silver Tip / The Butlers of Glen Avenue (Tony Sullivan) / Caracena (Bill Whelan) 5:50

10. The Parting Glass 2:58

Total time: 45:42


JODY MARSHALL: hammered dulcimer, piano, keyboard, harmony vocals
ELISE KRESS: lead vocals, silver and wooden flutes, penny whistle, guitar
CATHY PALMER: fiddle, electric violin

Guest Musicians (tracks in parentheses):

  • PAUL OORTS: guitar, bouzouki (1, 5, 9)
  • JIM ROBESON: electric bass (2, 3, 6)
  • PADDY LEAGUE: bodhran (5, 9)
  • ELLEN JAMES: Celtic harp (7)
  • PETE KENNEDY: electric bass (9)
  • PETER BURROUGHS: castanets (9)

Notes on the Tracks

1. Jenny Dang the Weaver/Jackie Coleman's/The High Reel - 3:41
     fiddle, hammered dulcimer, penny whistle, guitar, bouzouki

The first of these great reels is Scottish. "Jackie Coleman's" and "The High Reel" come from Ireland.

2. Sweet is the Melody (Iris DeMent)/Tune for the Dancing (Cathy Palmer) - 4:09
     piano, vocals, flute, electric violin, electric bass
     ©1994 Songs of Iris (ASCAP). Used by permission.

We deeply admire American songwriter Iris DeMent for the way she captures the transcendent beauty of everyday life. This song is a lovely example of her simple, elegant imagery. Cathy wrote the waltz that follows to be paired with the song.

3. The Road to Baltinglass (Jody Marshall)/Whelan's Jig/Coleman's Cross
     hammered dulcimer, piano, flutes, fiddle, electric bass

Jody wrote the first jig when MoonFire scored a theatre production of "The Steward of Christendom" by Irish playwright Sebastian Barry. The next two jigs are from Ireland.

4. Ca' the Yowes (words by Robert Burns; music trad.) - 5:28
     hammered dulcimer, keyboards, vocals, electric violin, penny whistle

In the early 1790s Robert Burns would often stroll by the ruins of Lincluden Abbey (the "silent towers") on the banks of the Clouden River near Dumfries. During his walks he devised this song, which he set to a traditional Scottish air. Elise first heard this song from the great Scottish singer, Andy M. Stewart.

5. Prelude XV (J. S. Bach)/The Wild Irishman/The Reconciliation - 4:13
     hammered dulcimer, fiddle, flute, guitar, bodhran

Jody enjoys arranging classical music for the hammered dulcimer and adapted this piece from Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier." The reels are from Ireland and Scotland, respectively.

6. The Pet Set: Mr. Puppy's Hornpipe (Cathy Palmer)/Ragtime Tabby (Jody Marshall)/The Poodle Polka (Elise Kress)
     fiddle, hammered dulcimer, piano, guitar, flute, penny whistle, electric bass

A set in honor of three of our best friends: Cathy's sweet, smiling golden retriever, Shantih; Jody's playful and affectionate kitty, Tiger; and Raoul, Elise's boisterous and charming standard poodle.

7. White Dress (Dave Swarbrick)
     vocals, fiddle, piano, Celtic harp
     ©1875 Universal-Island Music Ltd. All rights for the U.S. and Canada controlled and administered by Universal-Songs of PolyGram International, Inc.

A beautiful love ballad written by one of England's favorite fiddlers.

8. From the Mist/Maranatha (Cathy Palmer)
     fiddle, keyboard, chime, flute

Cathy says, "'Melody for Maranatha' started out as a quiet lullabye but it evolved into a joyous celebration. 'From the Mist' is one of the those tunes that seemed to write itself."

9. Silver Tip/The Butlers of Glen Avenue (Anthony Sullivan)/Caracena (excerpt) (Bill Whelan)
     hammered dulcimer, piano, penny whistle, flute, fiddle, guitar, electric bass, castanets, bodhran, tambourine, shaker
     "The Butlers of Glen Avenue" ©1979 Halshaw Music. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
     "Caracena" ©1992 McGuinness/Whelan Publishing, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

An Irish jig to start, followed by two tunes that show some of the fine writing in contemporary Celtic music. Versatile banjo player Tony Sullivan wrote "The Butlers." "Caracena" was written by the gifted composer of Riverdance, Bill Whelan, as part of his Seville Suite.

10. The Parting Glass
     vocals, piano, fiddle, electric violin

A famous Irish song collected in the 18th century. Goodnight, and joy be to you all!

Present, Past, and Future is available on iTunes. Just search
for "Moonfire" on iTunes and it will be listed.

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